The View From Inside My Mind

Wonderful Sunday

This has been a wonderful sunday! Church was fantastic, it was really cool to see the choir on stage. I really liked how Pastor P. demonstrated the tithe through the Chick-fil-a coupons. I work at CFA and it will be super busy with cookies!! Hard work to serve so many people but it is a very good problem to have, all glory to God. :)

I have been working on a picture of Amy Lee from Evanescence because I think she is so fantastic. I stopped and started multiple times, saving it as I progressed over the weeks. It took me 19 hours all together, and here it is (click here for actual size):


I know you don’t believe this is not the actual picture of her I found on the internet. But I did draw it, I have the animation to prove it! Here. I use Neon Dragon Art, an online program that gives you all kinds of neat painting tools so you can paint your masterpiece. I love to draw. I am working on Will Hunt next, the drummer of Evanescence. It will be a long and entertaining process!

Part of my song, “This is What Love is”.

Awesome new blog

Joey West has inspired me to start a blog, because I have started many in the past and normally I fail to keep up with them. But I love blogging so I really wanted to give it another shot!

I am a Christian and I spend many hours in the day trying to figure out creative ways to worship and praise the Lord, and usually I do that through music. My walk with Christ has always felt crazy, but since being born again, I have always trusted him, even when my circumstances are horrible. I spend all my time trying to find beauty in dark places, and hope in the midst of great pain. I am nowhere near perfect but I can assure you that I have great intentions in all that I do (even though it doesn’t always look like that to others!)

Right now, I am working on really trusting the Lord with relationships (family, friends, and romantic). For example, I wear a purity ring 

 as I trust in the Lord to lead me to my future husband. Though the symbol will repel some people, it will hopefully help attract the right kind of man: one who is willing to wait and work hard for me. After wearing it for years now, I’ve notice that it helps me to feel really valuable and special, like I am priceless and perfect in my Father’s eyes. It really is encouraging!